Singing Lessons

An Introduction From The Teacher

Being a working performer informs every aspect of my work as a singing teacher.What I teach in my lessons are principles and techniques I have found to work and apply to myself, such as vocal health and keeping my technique honed with disciplined practise. In addition I am regularly researching and expanding repertoire to keep performance choices fresh, paying attention to personal presentation, in performance and having a creative approach to recital programmes and concert appearances/events. These are just some aspects of life as a singer!

Singing is essentially an aerobic activity, very good for lung health and posture. It is also,of course, a creative and expressive pursuit and for me a spiritual one, which has a positive, healing effect. Singing lessons can help you gain more technique and confidence to sing in your choir/music group or for aspiring soloists gives specialist help for singing exams, auditions and preparation for public performance.

In my experience, it has been a real privilege to be help develop the confidence of children and young people through drawing out what is often a hidden vocal talent, especially in quieter individuals, who haven’t been given an opportunity!

This is a short clip, right, of my daughter Melanie (age 7) performing a duet with me at this year’s Arundel festival. After coaching her and with plenty of practise, she was able to stand and sing confidently for the festival crowd who gave her lots of applause!

Sing with vocal confidence,improve your technique and develop your musical style. Whatever your vocal style,the technical focus is the same.You can find the full potential of your voice with lessons where you will learn to breathe, stand and sing naturally.

Technical focus includes:

  • Breathing and Support
  • Longer phrases,less snatched breaths and tension!
  • Placing and Projection
  • Improve the quality of your tone
  • Range Development
  • Extend your range, get upper and lower notes to sit comfortably
  • Phrasing/Personal Style
  • Personalize it/make it your own
  • Repertoire
  • Understanding which style/songs within that genre suit me

Lessons can also include:

  • Audition and Exam Preparation
  • ABRSM and Trinity grades
  • Music Theory
  • Basics of notated music, keys and rhythm
  • Harmonising
  • Locating the right notes/blending with others

Singing Lessons for children and young people:
I have many years experience as a qualified teacher and music specialist in schools,teaching class music,choirs and coaching individual pupils.I hold a recent, enhanced CRB certificate for my work in schools.

Singing Lesson Rates

Individual Session at Home Studio: £32
Individual Session in your Home: £35
Children’s lessons Pro Rate: £20 for 45 minutes (individual) | £30 for 45 minutes (paired)
Beginner’s piano and theory lessons also offered